Hands & Feet Treatments

echinaceaFoot spa’s and hand baths are usually used as a foundation to our hand and foot treatment. They are a treat in themselves and again tailored to you and your skin. We include the therapeutic, aesthetic and aromatic qualities of fresh (in season) or dried natural buds and petals, herbs, citrus, spices, Sea salt and oils of fruit, seeds or nuts.

  • Aromatic hand bath and Manicure – £25
  • Shape and polish for hands or feet – £15
  • Shape and polish for hands and feet – £25
  • Aromatic Foot spa and pedicure – £35
  • Aromatic Foot spa and personally blended aromatherapy foot massage – £40
  • Aromatic Foot Deluxe. Spa, pedicure, salt scrub and personally blended aromatherapy foot massage – £65
  • Deluxe Manicure, with hand-bath, exfoliation, aromatic massage and Orly French Polish £45
  • Foot reflexology £55 ( This specialist treatment is available with advanced reflexologist Maggie Bateman – please book at least 24 hours in advance). Foot reflexology is not a foot massage, but helps activate the body’s own healing mechanism to bring balance back to the body.

The Mermaid Spa brings you ORLY Nail Polish – the Orginal French Manicure.

We have sourced this high quality nail polish for those who love nail polish but have worries about what mainstream ones contain. Each ORLY lacquer is free of toxic DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde and the product comes from the United States.

As one of the nail care industry’s renowned colour houses, ORLY seasonally introduces new collections and updates its array of permanent lacquers.

ORLY has established a dynamic palette composed of subtle sheers, vivid crèmes, dazzling shimmers, smooth glitters and hot neons.

I visited the Mermaid Spa for a manicure & all the girls there were professional and friendly. We will certainly be visiting again.

“Loved my pedicure treatment, thank you for such a wonderful relaxing time. The cherry on top of my lovely break at Portmeirion”