Enjoy being cared for in aromatic bliss… All our treatments are uniquely blended for the individual client and are suitable for men and women. Warm heated couches and are available. We welcome your arrival 10 minutes before each treatment and advise your taking 15 minutes relaxation and consolidation time afterwards to enjoy a complementary jasmine tea.

Gift Vouchers

Gift VouchersLooking for a wonderful gift for that special person in your life? Why not treat them to a Mermaid Spa Gift Voucher? We have six different... More

Deep-Sea Diving Aroma-Massage

spa massage 1:72dpiOur Signature Individualised Full Aromatherapy Massage Treatment Relax the mind, re-align the body and comfort the soul with our Aromatherapy... More

The Wave Back Massage

The Wave Back MassageIntensive back massage simply using cold-pressed oils with or without therapist selected aromatic essential oils – you choose. Reduces... More

Signature Full Aromatherapy Massage with Natural Facial

Full Signature with Natural FacialInclude a natural aromatic facial with your aromatherapy massage, using fresh and natural products such as fruit, yoghurt, oatmeal,... More

Bespoke Aromatic Fresh Smoothie Facial

Lemon Balm After consultation your therapist chooses and blends natural fruit or nut oils and essential oils for your skin and you will receive... More

Mermaid Hot Stones Aroma-Massage

Hot Stones Foot TreatmentAbsolute luxury! Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses the therapeutic effects of smooth, warm, black, volcanic basalt... More

Indian Ocean Head Massage

Blue SkyThis massage works deeply on upper body tension, linking the physical and the subtle to create an exquisite sense of relaxation. It... More

Mother-to-be Aromatherapy Massage

Rose flower and stemThis massage soothes away aches and pains and is combined with individually chosen essential oils that are safe and enjoyable. Women... More

Spa Day Packages

PortmeirionRelax and unwind in the tranquility of the Portmeirion village The Mermaid Spa & Castell Deudraeth are offering relaxation packages... More

Lymphatic Massage & Skin Brush

Dry SandThis massage acts as a lymphatic system stimulant. The lymphatic system gets rid of unwanted waste products, excess fluid and the massage... More

Aromatic Seaweed Body Wraps

Beach PebblesSeaweed cleanses and detoxifies the body with the skin absorbing the minerals needed for restoring tone and vitality. The minerals... More

Active Heating Marine Mud Wrap

Portmeirion BeachA preservative-free treatment, which contains sea salt, clay, seaweeds and algae such as spirulina. This naturally heating Marine Mud... More

Salt Scrub, Massage & Seaweed Wrap

Blown Sand on Portmeirion BeachSalt scrub, Lymphatic Massage and Aromatic Seaweed Wrap. These treatments together are very effective, as a deeply detoxifying and... More

Skin Brush, Back Massage & Mud Wrap

Rose Petal Back MassageSkin Brush, Aromatic Back Massage and Active Heating Marine Mud Wraps. Combine the experience of an individualised aromatherapy back... More

Bespoke Eau de Parfum

Distilling Essential OilsYour individual and personal Eau de Parfum is created out of precious natural plant extracts, essential and absolute oils from around... More

Crystal Healing

Some of Gwen's crystals This gentle form of healing can work well on physical ailments and emotional issues. It’s also known as a superb stress reliever.... More


Cloud and sunFind deep peace and personal healing with this gentle technique. You do not need to undress to receive this treatment. The gentle... More

The Treat for 5-16 year olds

DaisyEither a facemask and face massage, foot-spa and foot massage or back massage (Under 16’s need to be accompanied by their parent... More

Aromatic Foot Spa & Foot Massage

echinaceaFoot spa’s are used as a foundation for our foot massage. They are a treat in themselves and again tailored to you and your skin.... More


Sunset on Portmeirion BeachReflexology is an ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage usually on the feet, where reflexes relate to every organ... More