Bespoke Eau de Parfum

Distilling Essential OilsYour individual and personal Eau de Parfum is created out of precious natural plant extracts, essential and absolute oils from around the world by Lindsay Woodman.

Lindsay is a Niché British Natural Perfumer and creates your individual Eau de Parfum, from your choice of natural aromas designing it if you wish from your inspiration or creative ideas, perhaps a visual image, a poem, book or even simply a dress or colour.   She takes the world of imagination into the conceptual world to give it a shape and form in aroma.

You will be invited for a 45 minute consultation and aromatic experience.  After the consultation Lindsay will take some time to design for you two tester vials that will be posted to you.  You can create a name for your preference and it will be blended, beautifully bottled and boxed and sent to you.  This whole process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Forget the generic celebrity perfumes and let your new aroma speak of you with this natural bespoke.  Also an amazing and unusual gift.


LOVED the Bespoke Perfume Experience! Thank You Mermaid Spa – you made my holiday and gave me something wonderful to look forward to even now I’m back home. Thank you thank you thank you!!! xx

I wish I was at the spa today! Loved coming in for my Bespoke perfume experience!

Recieved my beautiful bespoked perfume, exquisitely wrapped. Thank you  for a wonderful experience….will let you know when I run out ;-)