Mermaid Hot Stones Aroma-Massage

Hot Stones Foot TreatmentAbsolute luxury! Hot stone massage is a specialty massage that uses the therapeutic effects of smooth, warm, black, volcanic basalt stones to work into both muscular and energetic systems. The heat is profoundly relaxing and aids the deep release of the tension in tight muscles. Cool Welsh quartz stones may also be used on areas in need of a refreshing, anti-inflammatory, calming technique. This special Mermaid Spa treatment uses our freshly made Jojoba butter massage cream with essential oils chosen by the therapist just for you.

Full body: £85
Back of the body: £65

Thank you so much …..for such a wonderful ‘Hot Stone’ massage  (it was so good I came back for another one!!) it was really therapeutic and lighted my spirits.

Thank you, wonderful as always.
Hot Stones are bliss…….x

It’s your wonderful aromatherapy combined with the hot stones that make it extra special

Had a fantastic hot stone aromatherapy massage, lovely experience and well worth the money